CAB Positions

To become a member in CAB all you need to do is come to our weekly meetings every Wednesday from 6-7pm upstairs in the MCC. To take on a leadership role in CAB, keep a lookout for applications mid spring quarter!

CAB Position Descriptions
Benefits of a CAB Leadership Position:

  • Gain valuable leadership experience
  • Build resume
  • Make new friends
  • Learn to manage a sizeable budget
  • Earn a quarterly stipend

General Commitment:

  • Attend weekly leader and general meetings
  • Hold a minimum of one office hour per week
  • Participate in two (minimum) volunteer activities per quarter
  • Attend leader retreat at the beginning of each quarter
  • Become familiar with AS financial policies and actively participate in funding request discussions

Public Relations Co-Coordinators (2):
This position entails being an outgoing, enthusiastic person who is dedicated to recruiting more CABbies and spreading the word about our organization. Duties will include setting up CAB tabling on a monthly basis, implementing flyers around campus, maintaining the CAB Facebook account, e-mailing/calling/reaching out to clubs/Greek organizations, and assisting with all publicity needs of other leaders and ongoing projects. Anyone who is high-spirited and passionate about informing students about our many volunteer opportunities and programs is strongly encouraged to apply for this position!

Internal Community Coordinator:
This position is all about being social! The Internal Community Coordinator (ICC) works to create a sense of connectedness within CAB through fun volunteer opportunities and socials. Past events planned by the ICC include BBQs, movie nights, bowling, and hikes. Social butterflies with fun ideas to bring people together are encouraged to apply for this position.

Houseless/Hunger Coordinator:
As the Homeless/Hunger Co-coordinator, your main duties include setting up a breakfast meal at least once a week where you feed the houseless community of Isla Vista. You will also be in charge of building a trusting relationship with the people you serve, so consistency is key for this position. For this role you will have the opportunity to reach out to different organizations dedicated to helping the houseless community in Santa Barbara, such as Casa Esperenza, and also meet with community organizers who are familiar with the history of homelessness in our town. The best candidates will go beyond their main duties to find ways they can help these groups and get more cabbies involved.

The historian mainly keeps a visual record of CAB events by collecting pictures of CAB events. It is a great way to get to know people and the community in a very relaxed manner. Some concrete duties entail updating the board outside the CAB office, the passive in the UCen, and photos on our website. A quarterly slideshow is also strongly suggested. Interested applicants should have enthusiasm for looking at the world in a different way.

Alternative Break Coordinators (2):
Cab Alternative Break Co-Coordinators work together to plan volunteering trips during breaks outside of the UCSB community. Researching break locations, publicizing the breaks, selecting volunteer attendees, and leading the trip are some of the few responsibilities of the coordinators. Being able to lead a group, plan ahead, and work closely with others are important for this amazing leadership opportunity.

Special Projects Coordinator:
As Special Projects Coordinator you would be in charge of planning CAB projects outside of those defined in other CAB leader positions. In the past this has included events such as You Matter, the Great American Bake Sale, a concert for the houseless community, and collaboration with Pardall Carnival. This is a great way to get valuable event-planning skills while making a difference. Creativity and the ability to think outside the box are great qualities for this position and will assist you in planning new and annual events.

Community Outreach Coordinator:
The Community Outreach Coordinator is great nonprofit professional networking opportunity. This position entails communicating with local nonprofits in the greater Santa Barbara community connecting them to UCSB student leaders and volunteers. This position is responsible for putting on the Care Expo – CAB’s own nonprofit career fair, serving on the CAB Foundation sub-committee, as well as attending local professional community-service gatherings that often involve free gourmet meals! A businesslike yet communicable demeanor is very valuable for this position.

Senior Citizen Coordinator:
The Senior Citizen Coordinator is great opportunity for anyone interested in working with senior citizens. The coordinator is in charge of communicating with local retirement homes such as Friendship Manor or Deveruex to find how students can best assist the residents. This position entails running a weekly reading group and providing other opportunities such as serving meals to the residents as well. Patience and organization skills are crucial for the Senior Citizen Coordinator’s success.

Environmental Coordinator:
The Environmental Coordinator plans environmental volunteer opportunities for CAB. This includes but is not limited to beach clean-ups, adopt-a-blocks, trips to local organic farms, earth day, and more. The coordinator also acts as CAB’s liaison to the many environmental groups on and around the UCSB campus. You do not have to be an Environmental Studies Major for this position, you simply need to be passionate about the environment.

Animal Coordinator:
The Animal Coordinator is in charge of communicating with local animal shelters to provide community service involving animals. Some popular opportunities have included volunteering with dogs, cats, bunnies, horses, and pigs. Planning other animal events such as an Animal Volunteer Fair are strongly encouraged and generally are quite popular. If you enjoy playing and caring for animals then this is the position for you!

The Treasurer is in charge of overseeing all CAB financial matters. This includes keeping records of the budget, providing assistance to outside groups regarding funding requests, and ensuring that CAB leaders abide by the AS Financial Code. The Treasurer works closely with the co-chairs, advisors, and AS Administration. A pragmatic, hard-working, and organized student would be an optimal candidate for this position.

The Secretary manages much of the organizational aspects of CAB including Care-Mail and minutes. The secretary should have a proficient typing speed to keep up with typing the minutes at leader and general meetings. The secretary does not need to have experience with coding for websites, but it would be helpful for editing the website and blog. A tech-savvy, organized student would be a fantastic candidate for this position.

Youth Outreach Coordinator:
The Youth Outreach Coordinator works with local community organizations as well as plans his/her own volunteer events pertaining to youth (anyone younger than 18 years old). Some volunteer activities in the past have included tutoring, visiting the Boys and Girls Club, participating in after school programs, and working with the Little League Challengers. Volunteering with children is key for this position and as such it is crucial for the coordinator to be patient, enthusiastic, and act as a good role model.

Childcare Director:
A.S. Childcare Director collaborates with the Women’s Center and A.S. Administration office to ensure that undergraduate student parents receive small grants to aid with extra childcare during midterm and finals week. She/He will communicate with the Housing Complex Coordinator of Student Family Housing to reach out to student parents for Parents Night Out events and to provide volunteers for their special events as well. This person ought to be open to all childcare needs in the community and provide resources for people and organizations related to childcare work.

For more information about a position contact the current coordinator by coming to the CAB meetings Wednesday at 6pm Upstairs in the Multi Cultural Center or by sending them an email.

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