CAB Leaderboard (2020-2021)

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2020-2021 CAB Leaderboard



Hi friends! My name is Colin Wu and I’m excited to serve as one of your Co-Chairs this year! I’m a fourth year majoring in Economics and Sociology with a minor in Applied Psychology, and I’m honored to be working with students like you with a heart for volunteering! If you’re looking for a fun and rewarding experience that not only helps the community but also furthers your own personal growth, then you’ve found it. If you have any questions or just want to chat about your day, shoot me an email at Let’s have a great year!

Olivia Garcia


Hey Cabbies! My name is Oliva Garcia and I am one of your CAB CoChairs for the Community Affairs Board this year! I am a 3rd-year Political Science major with an emphasis on International Relations and a double minor in education and Social Justice. I am ready to get to work and change this world! It brings me great honor to hold this position and work with students like you who have a passion for volunteering and arent afraid to get to work. Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know me as well as start your journey of volunteering with us here at CAB. If you are interested in getting involved or just would like to chat about your day or exchange cute dog photos send me an email! Thank you so much and I can’t wait to meet you!



Katalina Vang

Hi all! I’m Katalina, CAB’s Secretary. I’m a 4th-year Political Science with an emphasis in American Politics and a minor in Poverty, Inequality, and Social Justice. I love volunteering and CAB has opened up opportunities for me to meet new people and try new things! I’ve been working out to stray away from the “quarran-ten” and trying new methods to keep my mental health sane. 🙂 Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about CAB or anything, email me at

FLP Co-Coordinators

anastasia dardenne

Hello! My name is Anastassia Dardenne and I’m a second year Bio major with a minor in Religious Studies. I’m super excited to be this year’s CAB FLP Co-Coordinator with Jana! I love spending time with kids, and especially teaching them new skills and instilling a love for learning in them! I am really passionate about education and think that a good education should be accessible to everyone, regardless of age. In my free time, I love to brag about how early I wake up (mainly because it’s so rare) and send long descriptive texts of what I’m eating and cooking to my family and friends. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you are interested in FLP or just want to chat! Despite a virtual (and kind of bleak) start to the year, I have lots of ideas for FLP this year and am always in need of volunteers to realize these ideas!

Alternative Breaks Co-coordinator

Gina Rue

Hello! I’m Gina, your Alternative Breaks Co-Coordinator. I am a 4th year Philosophy major studying Ethics and Public Policy and this will be my last year working with CAB. I first got involved with CAB last year when I participated in the Winter 2019 Alt Breaks trip to San Antonio, Texas to serve their immigrant population. This rewarding experience motivated me to run for Alt Breaks Coordinator myself so that I can host these amazing opportunities for other students. Even though traveling will be limited this academic year in light of COVID, my co-coordinator and I have plans that will still facilitate connections between distant communities and allow students to serve their local community. Outside of CAB, you can find me thrifting, ballroom dancing, or falling off my longboard in IV. If you have any questions, please email me at Stay safe, stay home, stay hopeful.

Animal Coordinator

Katherine Wang

Hi Cabbies! My name is Katherine Wang, and I am a third year Economics and Accounting major. I am super excited to be your animal coordinator, and I look forward to planning some exciting events for y’all this year. I joined CAB last year as the animal coordinator intern because of my love for animals and volunteering. If you have any ideas or would like to volunteer, please feel free to reach out to me at I am looking forward to meeting and working with y’all!

Childcare Director

Weiqi Mei

Hey everyone! My name is Weiqi Mei and my pronouns are she/her/hers. I am a third-year majoring in Psychological and Brain Sciences and double minoring in Applied Psychology and education. I’m excited to serve as your CAB Childcare Director for the 2020-2021 Leadership Board! My volunteer work and job experiences have helped me realize my interest in working with kids, and I hope to pursue a career in children’s psychological service or education. Please feel free to email me at if you have any questions!

Environmental Coordinator

Katie Lau

Hi y’all! My name is Katie Lau and I am the Environmental Coordinator for CAB’s 2020-2021 Leaderboard. I am so excited to be providing environmental volunteer opportunities for you all this year! Despite the challenges in our way currently, I am hoping to find a way to safely give back to the community and the Earth this year! 😀 Some things about me are that I am a second-year Earth Science major from Fairfax, Virginia, and I love painting, running, hiking, and spending time with friends (throwback to when that was possible). Although this is my first year in CAB, I have a lot of experience with environmental volunteerism, so feel free to contact me with any questions (or if you want to collaborate!!) at 


Dylan Martinez


Hunger/Houseless Co-Coordinators

danielle Mcgary

Hello! My name is Danielle McGary and I am a 3rd year at UCSB. I am currently majoring in Biology, in hopes to pursue a career in the Medical field. At times I may seem shy, but in reality I enjoy aiding others while making memorable friendships along the way. That is why CAB is the perfect place for me to be!

Ifraan Karim


Public Relations Co-Coordinators

Joanna Kim

Hey guys! I’m a 3rd year Stats and Data Science major. I love CAB because it exists to improve the community and foster educational growth. I am excited to bring amazing new CAB swag to ya’ll!!

Jessica Gantt

Hey Cabbies! My name is Jessica Gantt. I’m a senior Global Studies and Political Science double major and so excited to be your CAB PR co-coordinator for the year! Even if we can’t be in person, we have a lot of great opportunities to get involved and be a part of CAB. Feel free to reach out to me at if you’re interested in getting involved in CAB, want coffee shop recommendations, or just want to chat.

Social Chair

Evalynna Ong

Hi! my name is Evalynna Ong and I’m a 5th year chem major. I entered UCSB as a freshman in computer engineering and since then I’ve switched my major, flew off my bike in the middle of Pardall, found success on the meme page, ranted to multiple people about the surplus of Subway restaurants in I.V. and made lifelong friends.

Special Projects Coordinator



Astha nigam

Hi Cabbies! My name is Astha, and I’m the CAB Treasurer for the 2020-2021 Leadership Board! I’m currently a third-year Economics & Political Science double major here at UCSB.  I’m so excited to be part of CAB’s efforts to support our student and local communities during this unprecedented, unconventional school year. I look forward to working with all of you! If you or your student organization have questions about our funding process, how to get involved with CAB, or questions about CAB in general, feel free to email me at!

Youth Outreach

Jasmin Dao

Hi! My name is Jasmin Dao and my pronouns are she, her, and hers. I am a third year majoring in Biology and am excited to serve as your Youth Outreach Coordinator. My volunteer work has helped me realize my interest in working with kids and in the future, I hope to pursue a career in the medical field, specifically pediatrics or occupational therapy. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions by emailing me at 🙂

Community Outreach Coordinator

Hailey clEMENS

Hi! My name is Hailey Clemens and I’m a fourth year Biology major. I’m super excited to be the community outreach coordinator this year. CAB is a great opportunity to meet new friends, get involved in the community, and find some great volunteer opportunities. You can contact me at 🙂 I’m excited to meet you all!!

Senior Citizen Coordinator

Kathryn Ngo

Hey everyone! My name is Katie Ngo and I am the Senior Citizen Coordinator for CAB! I am a second year pre-Biology major, and I am incredibly excited to be able to work with and give back to the Senior Citizen population within my community. In highschool I was extensively involved in community service work, and was especially passionate about events taking place in retirement homes because of the opportunity to meet and learn from those with more life experience. Joining CAB was therefore the perfect opportunity to continue my involvement in college, and I am incredibly excited to delve deep into this role. Please feel free to contact me at if you have any questions, want to get involved, or just want to chat!