Volunteer Opportunities

There are an endless amount of volunteer opportunities! Through CAB we generate our own volunteer events and we also serve as a resource to local non-profits and organizations to broadcast their events as well. There are some volunteer opportunities that occur weekly, while others are one time special events.

Make sure to sign-up for care-mail by emailing us at cab.ucsb@gmail.com to receive our weekly newsletter with a list of current volunteer opportunities.  You can share your ideas with us through this email too 🙂

*See Care-Mail for current volunteer opportunities

*See Contact Us to get involved with a specific leader and their projects


Weekly we participate in Adopt a Block and pick up litter right here in the streets of Isla Vista. There are also tree planting events and creek cleanups together in a group! Currently we are in the plastics coalition working on reducing the amount of plastic being used here in Santa Barbara and beyond!


We organize loads of projects specifically directed for the youth. The Family Literacy Program is one of CAB’s oldest and largest programs that matches up UCSB students with a child in Isla Vista to meet on a weekly basis and tutor. We also provide childcare grants to undergraduate parents two times every quarter to assist with financial needs. In addition we help organize after school programs, holiday programs and giveaway backpack & school supplies at the start of each school year.


Every other week there are Dinner Clubs where volunteers help serve delicious food to the houseless of our community. One is held at St. Michaels right in our Isla Vista community and another at Downtown SB. Furthermore, we are looking to work with other organizations and have started adding Swipe out Hunger, a new collab to the schedule.


Over the years we have developed close ties with local retirement homes such as Friendship Manor (right in Isla Vista) where we have weekly meal serving at the Manor. Occasionally during the holidays, we host fun themed events for the lovely senior citizens of our community such as a Christmas party and Valentine’s Day Dance.


There are loads of animal shelters in Santa Barbara and we strive to volunteer there as well as assist in restoration projects. We work often with B.U.N.S, a bunny shelter in Goleta where our volunteers love spending time at weekly to play with bunnies. This year we’ve reconnected working with SB Bird Sanctuary to take care and spend time with some exotic and cool birds! Keep a look out for an animal fair on campus!

Special Projects

Special Projects helps facilitate projects that are not covered by the other coordinators. For example, every quarter CAB hosts an event called YOU MATTER! during dead week right before finals in an effort to remind students that “you matter!” We have all sorts of fun and free things to help relieve what can be a very stressful time such as: food, music, massages, skateboard cleaning, test supplies, a letter making station and more! We are also currently forming a new tabling committee!

Alternative Breaks

Every Winter Break, Spring Break, and one special weekend CAB organizes alternative breaks. These are opportunities for students to use their time off for the greater good by participating in an all expenses paid trip by CAB. In the past we have helped disaster relief efforts post Hurricane Katrina and environmental restoration in Oregon. Winter Break 2016 was at Baton Rouge, Louisiana! Applications are sent out through Care-mail and can be found on the CAB website when open.

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