Funding Guidelines and Form

CAB Funding Guidelines
Please refer to these guidelines for information regarding CAB’s funding policies and procedures. If you have further questions, please feel free to email the CAB Treasurer at or come to the CAB Office (2nd floor of the Multicultural Center, Room 2523) during the treasurer’s office hours.

The CAB Leaderboard meets every Monday at 7:00 PM to review funding requests and presentations (~2 minutes). Due to the large volume of requests received, please submit your request a few weeks prior to your event. The CAB Treasurer will send out email confirmations to organizations selected to present at Monday Leaderboard meetings based on submission order.

1. Groups asking for funds must have an AS account number or be a registered OSL group. This includes being an OSL registered entity for longer than 1 year.

2. Groups will be notified by email of the funding decision within 2 days of the meeting.

3. Any requests for fundraisers over $5,000 must be matched from the event.

4. CAB does NOT fund T-shirts, prizes, decorations, gifts, or raffles! 

5. A.S. can only fund a maximum of $750 for food for any group for the whole year.This means if, for example, you receive $300 from Finance Board for food, CAB will only be able to fund up to $200 for food for a total of $500 from A.S.

Note: As of Spring 2011, to comply with the Sustainability Policy at least 50% of the food purchases must be sustainable in some way. Environmental Affairs Board (EAB) has compiled a great list of options that comply with the Green Bill. Sustainable Food Options: Page 1Page 2

6. For events and organizations that receive funding, please attach the CAB logo to promotional advertisement materials (eg. fliers, posters, Digiknows, etc.)

7. Any request for funds to pay performers should be made at least two weeks before the event to ensure payment is on time.  ALL payments to performers/artist/presenters require a signed Performance Agreement and a W9 Tax Form before payment may be issued. (Forms are available in the A.S. Admin Office, directly across the hall from the CAB Office)

8. A Post-Event Form must be completed in order to be considered for future CAB funding.

Click here for Funding Request Form

Click here to submit a Funding Request Form

Click here for Post-Event Form

Click here to submit a Post-Event Form

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